Oak Island Pier.  Birthday sunset 2016.

Oak Island Pier. Birthday sunset 2016.

I'm a middle aged woman living an ordinary life, but I want to be very intentional in looking for the extraordinary moments that make up my days. For me that looks like finding a rhythm to my days that gives me enough margin to reflect.

I learned several years ago that life would pass me by with me being none the wiser if I didn’t get serious about capturing the little things. I also realized that I did this best when I blogged. Being the visual person I am blogging allows me to see these moments in a way that my journal doesn’t capture.

Mostly, I want my life to be encouraging to others. That the lessons I’ve learned (and am learning!) serve a purpose. I believe that the journey God has put me on is not just about me, but about glorifying Him and helping others.

So, here goes my attempt at living double or nothing, the only way to live!