The Wearing of the Pink

I have never been a big fan of pink until now.  

Now I am learning that pink is the color of warriors.  Suddenly, when I see pink or wear pink I feel stronger, braver and more joyful.  Pink is part of faith growing.

 It is a visual reminder of the great God I serve and how He sustains me.  Of the mighty warrior God He is.  That He is ever fighting for me.  

Erin plans to wear pink every day this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Ahem, we are very aware. This battle has been brought to our front door and we are fighting.  Well, God in us and through us is fighting.  He trumps our weak efforts every time.

The waiting is coming to a close for this leg of the journey.   Surgery is this Wednesday, October 5th.  A good way to start the month of breast cancer awareness I'd say. 

The Demolition Man and Reconstruction Man are ready to go to work.  I am ready too.  

I am a warrior and I will wear pink.