Green Goblins

Well, I have returned to the land of the living.  I have lost last week.  My last real memory was having a party in the holding area, lots of fun and games going to OR.   That's where the fun ended.

 After that I have glimpses of being in recovery room, then in a hospital room and people's voices and some blurry faces.  Cards and flowers.  Laughter and tears.  Sisters and friends.  My filter doesn't always work well so with the drugs on board I'm sure I said things that were worse than usual.  I got stuck on alliteration...mastectomy, Matthew, Moore Regional, Millicent...magically delicious.  

my land of nod friends.

my land of nod friends.

I spent from Thursday until today in never never land.  I only have very vague memories of giant sponges and saving kings and doing thyroid exams.  My poor family just about took me back to the hospital because they had no idea what to do with me and I couldn't help them.

No one slept at my house until last night.  We finally got the right combination of medications and I woke up this morning without a haze in my eye.  My poor twin got no sleep the whole time she was here.  I have no answers.  I never take medications so I guess they all just caught up with me.  Maybe it was Hurricane Matthew?  I missed all of him.

When I saw these cookies Erin made today I felt like I was meeting the friends from my land of nod for the past week.  How did she know?!

I believe I've turned a good corner now.  My sister in law is here now and people are delivering meals in spite of power outages.  Erin has been home from school so the cocoon I'm recovering in is a good one.  

Tomorrow I hope I am more clear headed than I am today.  I still have some fuzzy corners but that beats living with the green goblins of the last week.  Thanks for all you pink warriors standing by my side.  Praying in the gaps at times I haven't been able to pray.

Much much love to you all.