Doctor Day

A brief update on the physical part of this journey:

Saw the Reconstruction Man this evening and all is well.  Started the expansion process.  Will have some minor reconstruction work on the left side due to post op complications but he assures me it will be minor and turn out fine.  I'm happy with that because at one point the other option was me back in the OR a week ago.  Praise God he prevented that.

Fatigue is from low blood counts and will improve as my hemoglobin improves.  I just like knowing there's more of a reason than not.  For some reason that helps my mental state...and I am feeling better each day.

It is amazing that I've had no major set backs or complications.  Once I crawled out of Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole things have progressed ok.  

If I can tolerate expansions and no complications we will try to do the big exchange in late January!  What a relief that will be. 

That's the latest physical update.  No cancer so I'd say all is really well!