October-The Short and Long of It.

Well, I woke up and October was gone.  Thought I would do a little wrap up with something other than cancer.

The short of it is my reading list...probably the shortest in my adult life but at least I got 2 books in.  Both were on my Kindle as it required less energy to hold.  Also my Peeramid Bookrest is super for hands free reading.

1.  Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World-Christian non-fiction.

2.  God in the Sink: Essays from Toad Hall-Christian non-fiction  

The long of it is my 5 year journal.  I'm on my 4th year and so thankful that I have 3.5 years of "normal" life recorded.  Amazing what I've captured over the last 4 years! I am so glad the breast cancer journey is part of this journal.  The 5th year will start in 2017 and get me through the recovery period as well.  The timing will seem right in 2018 to start with a fresh new 5 year journal.

I became intrigued with 5 year journals after some family members found lost journals of my grandfather.  A man who died before I was born. He was an avid journaler and between a 5 year and a few 1 year journals we have a small window into several years of his life. 

 I've been able to read about his work as an engineer, local events and restaurants of his day, his banking experiences, his BP problems which had no fix back then (which is why he died in his 50's of a sudden heart attack), his very first vehicle back before they even had adequate roads, his time with older family members visiting his parent's graves, his hobbies....and the most painful part of my mother's life when she was 3 and he dropped her at an orphanage after my grandmother died.  So many things about my family that I never would have known if not for his journals.

I was so intrigued to "get to know" my grandfather as well as read about that time period, it convinced me to start the 5 year journal habit. Have you ever considered starting this habit? Now is a good time to buy one for yourself to start in 2017!  You can buy them on-line or at most book stores.  You won't regret it, especially when you get to the second year and are able to reflect on the past year.  Plus you never know who will be reading about you in the future.  I bought someone's 5 year journal at an antique shop and her life was amazing! I'm not sure how it ended up being sold, but I love reading about her life in the early 1950's.

So, there you have the short and long of it.  2 books and a 5 year journal.

Hope your October was good and you are ready for the holiday season!