December Review

I thought I would write more but I sure haven't!  Oh well, here's the month in review.  Nothing profound or even well written in this post.

December has held its usual holiday busyness, good busyness.  Plus I made a change in my job and had pre-op.

We started our annual Christmas puzzles as soon as Thanksgiving was over and worked 4 of them.  We've decorated, baked cookies, shopped, wrapped, visited family & friends, gone to church services & school programs just as many of you have.  I had a hard time not over-doing it because it felt so good to do things again.  Then came Christmas weekend and it was was fabulous...I couldn't have asked for more!  Very blessed!



The job transition is going very well so far.  My schedule has been much busier so that has added a little extra challenge, but I really do like the new office.

Pre-op went....not as good as I had hoped.  I felt stressed out and tired that day. (and I do not want to be stressed out as stress is what likely landed me in this spot) My BP was the highest it's ever been so I just didn't feel well.  Now, I am monitoring my BP which has improved and shouldn't cause a problem as long as it doesn't get any higher....

AND I busted my boobs.  yep.  Sprung a leak.  First the right, then the left.  I should have called when it happened but instead I figured they were busy, and I would just address it at the scheduled pre-op.  Health care workers make horrid patients.

The expanders have flattened out quite a bit but there's still some saline in them. Reconstruction Man thinks they were expanded long enough to be able to handle the implants.  I sure hope so. Surgery on January 12 so we are going to just leave them alone.  Y'all can pray the surgery goes off without a hitch please!  I will keep you posted about that.

On the reading front:

1.  So Long, See You Tomorrow-Fiction 

2.  A Guide to Fervent Prayer-Arthur Pink, Christian nonfiction (took me months to get through this one) 

3.  A Thousand Vessels-poetry

4.  The One True Story-Christian nonfiction (daily Advent readings, thanks B!)

5.  The Dawning of Indestructible Joy-Christian nonfiction (daily Advent readings)

6.  Lying Awake-Fiction 

7.  Hidden Christmas-Christian nonfiction and book club selection.

Hope the rest of you had a marvelous Christmas and are gearing up for New Year's!