Doctor Day

Today was doctor day for the first time in a few weeks.  I met the Reconstruction Man.  

In case you are wondering I have a General Contractor Woman (oncologist), a Demolition Man (general surgeon) and now a Reconstruction Man (plastic surgeon).  It was good to finally meet him and get an idea of what to expect.  

The appointment started by talking with the nurse and doing a photo shoot.  Although it was a little more than weird to stand in front of the blue screen like when you get your picture taken for your driver's license BUT this time you aren't wearing your shirt...or your bra....yes, while having your picture taken.  ahem.

As I posed facing forward and then to each side I wondered if I should smile.  I almost made silly faces.  Then I thought about doing that "stay fierce" thing but I figured that would mess up the picture.  So I just stood as I was told to stand, and am pretty sure the look on my face was pensive.  

While I waited on the doctor to come in I played with all the sample implants.  I wondered which one I would choose.  Round, teardrop, floaty, firm, gel like. Who knew there were so many to choose from??

When the Demo Man came in I got the low down.  I learned where the incisions would be and how this whole thing would work.  Basically the Demolition Man will remove my stuffing and the Reconstruction Man will put in new stuffing.  I will start with less stuffing and gradually get my stuffing back to the size I want.  

My went back to when Erin was 3 years old on her first trip to Build-a- Bear with her cousins Biz and Khi.  They picked their bears and made promises while holding the hearts that would be put in their bears. They named them and stuffed them.   It was all undertaken with a beautiful blend of joy and responsibility for their new stuffed animals.  Now instead of being in the build- a- bear season we are in the build -a -boob season. 

 I remembered that childhood joy and I wondered if he could put some glitter in with my new stuffing. Maybe pink glitter? No one would see the glitter but I would feel like a walking party! Distracted by having a party on my chest I was suddenly jolted back to reality with talk of drains and scaffolding made of cadaver skin. Guess I won't be getting pink glitter.

Later, once the expanders are out and the implants are in, I should be done.  He did prepare me that I might need some spackling in the future.  I immediately offered up my thighs to provide the spackling compound.  

While this won't be glitter party, I will be just fine.  I feel very comfortable with team of people working on my body.  I also feel amazingly blessed for all the support surrounding me.  

This is all going to be ok.  I just know it.