Two Hands

Not much to say today.  Just counting down.  The waiting has been one of the most challenging parts of this journey from the get go.  

On the one hand...I AM READY.  Cancer be removed.

On the other hand....I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS.  Cancer just disappear.

On the one hand...I am counting down in my head and in my heart until October 5.

On the other hand....I am astounded by how many of you are counting down with me.  wow.

On the one hand....I still can't believe the support that surrounds me.

On the other hand....I continue to receive DAILY reminders of your love so I know it is real.  

Really, y'all.  Amazing support.  Books, cards, prayers, blankets, journals, PJ's, the S5 necklace, flowers, emails, texts, stones, more prayers, pictures.  I could cry rivers over all this.  I feel so unworthy of these blessings and I will never be able to thank you all.  By posting some of this I am trying to let you know how much it means.

Today was this card from my neighbor.  Can you see the little pink sparkles on it?  That's glitter.  How fun is that?

The pink glitter that showered out of this precious card was a visual reminder of the love y'all are showering on me.  Today was a day I needed to be reminded of pink glitter and a joy filled heart.

The countdown continues.