Reading Challenge 2017

I've never done a reading challenge before but I decided to try one out for 2017.  Here are my categories and titles.

photo courtesy of enw photography

photo courtesy of enw photography

1.  A book set in my home state- The Marrowbone Marble Company (set in Huntington, WV which is my original home state and the town where I went to college-Marshall U, WE ARE MARSHALL and I will be forever green, with hint of Duke blue.)

2.  An award winning book- The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Man Booker Prize plus the title grabbed me.)

3.  A classic I haven't read- Frankenstein

4.  Collection of essays-  How the Universe Got its Spots

5.  A book I will read with a friend -  The Post Birthday World (This book is on my friend Lacey's list and we will read it the same month.)

6.  A book someone gave me-  In the Sanctuary of Outcasts ( thank you Laurie! )

7.  A book about books/reading-  Ex Libris: Confession of a Common Reader (thank you again Laurie!)

8.  A book about a topic I usually avoid- Home, How Heaven and the New Earth Satisfy Our Deepest Longings (topic is Heaven and I read a fair amount of Christian non-fiction but find that I avoid this topic.  Thanks B for the book!)

9.  A collection of short stories-  I Am Crying All Inside

10.  A book recommended by someone with good taste- In the Shadow of the Banyan (recommended by my well read friend Amy)

11.  A book I bought for its title-  Still Life with Bread Crumbs

12.  A book about generations of a family-  The Gathering ( I love heritage/ancestry and am intrigued by history).

There you have it!  I decided to start January with a book about reading to set the tone so I will start with Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader.  The only other month I know for sure is that I will read Frankenstein in October.   I will let you know how this goes!

Do you have a reading challenge?  Do tell!