Yay Sprinkles!

In working on my "Double or Nothing" way of life I have decided to collect a few sprinkles from my day. Yes, sprinkles.  Those little moments that God sprinkles over me that I often miss.  The extra little polka dots of fun, beauty, laughter, grace, love....you get the idea.

Some sprinkles over this last week:

~The morning sky was a brilliant pink backdrop for the bare winter trees.

~Sitting in a warm spot of sun with a cup of hot coffee and book on my afternoon off.

~A stop by a new bakery with B.

~Breakfast alone eavesdropping on three older southern men discussing election fashion trends in between talks about firewood and trucks left me laughing for hours.

~Marty showing up at the end of my work day to ask me to dinner.

I enjoyed my first week of savoring the sprinkles.  Hope all of you are able to find some sprinkles too.