The State of the Union

Well friends, the weekend is coming to an end.  I've had some much needed Sabbath rest this afternoon.  I've also had time to reflect on the past week which has looked pretty much like the picture below.  I made eno time a priority.  It is such a good thing for my soul, and y'all know that is my life rule for a few more months don't you?  I am keeper of my soul.  It's taken more work than I thought it would when I came up with that last July.  Who knew what August was about to whoop out on me?  God did. duh.

Writing this blog post from this Eno perch of mine.

Writing this blog post from this Eno perch of mine.

The week started off in it's usual busy way with work and life rushing in.  Our "adopted" son Collin came home from college and brought his first girlfriend to stay for a few days.  They cooked dinner for a crowd Monday night so folks in the neighborhood could say hi to him and meet her. That's when 3 Eno's got hung in the back yard and I couldn't be happier about that!

Marty left for his volunteer work week at Windy Gap on Tuesday.  He still isn't home and feels like he's been gone for longer than he actually has.  B and I went to our S5 dinner, the group of gals we've been friends with for about 20 years now.  We all helped take care of our friend Sandra when she was dying-that's what the S stands for.  Sandra, and there are 5 of us.  Aren't we so creative? ha

Wednesday was the craziest day with a social media gone wild about school shootings here in our not so sleepy town.  That will make a mama crazy.  It was a non-event thank God.  The evening was eno time. Collin and I spent time hanging out in our eno's once his girlfriend headed home. It was a good catching up time.

Thursday was my hair-do day!  Yay, my roots look better!  I also took a sunset drive in Velma with my top down while Erin was at work then Bible study after work.  Then porch and eno time to end the day.

Friday Erin left for Raleigh right after school to stay with her cousin.  Collin hung out with a few friends.  I got my toenails painted orange in honor of Sandra, my friend who died 7 years ago (anniversary date in about 3 weeks).  After that I had a steak dinner all by myself and it was marvelous.  I ended the night on the porch, party lights doing their nightly shining.  Marty was able to call so we got caught up on the events of the week.  Matt and B saw the party lights on and stopped in for a visit.  A very good night.

Saturday started on the porch with coffee.  I spent the day mainly running errands and the evening going to church.  I worked on moving more stuff into our newly renovated closet and out of our bedroom.  I could rest much easier with my room looking neat again.

Sunday has been lovely.  Coffee and Bible my Roost in the backyard early in the morning. Time with Erin and Collin.  A nap in the eno.  Cooked a little.  Walked with Daisy and without her.  Waiting on Marty to come home.  Thinking about how to be the keeper of my soul in the week ahead, otherwise life drowns me. Starting to work on my new life rule that will start in August. Yes, August.  Goals and a word to focus on in January then a reboot with a focus on life rule in August.  Keeps me going/focused to have something twice a year.

Swinging in my eno now....marveling at God's creation all around me....reveling at God's sustenance all inside me....returning my soul to rest once more because the Lord has been good to me. (Psalm 116:7)

Have a good week and we will chat later.