Stars in the Storm

We wanted to pray before we went our separate ways, but had already scooted out of the house headed to our cars. So we gathered in the driveway.

We stood in a tight circle, arms draped around waists.  The wind whirled all about us while the drum beat of thunder played a stormy song. The clouds made effervescent by the endless lightening that rolled across the sky. No rain yet.

In that tight circle, under that powerful sky, we prayed.  After the amen none of us moved. The presence of God hovered over us.  

One of us looked up and noticed that although the storm surrounded us, the sky above our heads was twinkling with stars.  An awesome reminder that even in the storm God doesn't remove the stars. We don't always see them but tonight we did.

We stood.  Awestruck.  Wonderstruck.  A very surreal moment.  A beautiful gift from God that each of us felt.

 Tonight we saw the stars in the storm.

Thank you Bible study girls (SAS) for standing in the storm.